Past Life Regression – Kiev – 03.04.10
This is the second time that I have done PLR with Inna; the first time was in late Feb 2009.  The report of that session is below.  This session consisted of two elements.  Firstly, an attempt to find the source of my allergy to pollen, cat fur etc through tracing back to my family roots and secondly a pure PLR.  The second ran on from the first, without a break, guided by Inna throughout.

To start the first session, I chose to stand in a place of natural beauty where I had stood before for my 2009 session, on the banks of a wide slow flowing river that lay at the base of a valley with a wide flood plain sloping gently up to concave glaciated mountains, forming a concave level valley.  I was wearing shorts and a t shirt in warm area, with the sound of birds, short grass and meadow around and soft evening sunlight.

Inna asked me to request the presence of various Archangels, Mikhail, Raphael and others whose names escape me, in all about 6-7 Archangels and my guardian angel.  She than invited me to bring in my parents and then to invite in all my predecessors, to gather within the circle formed by the Archangels.  Apart from my parents and two grandparents whom I knew, the other energies manifested themselves as a moving mass of spiralling white light that filled all the space around me and between me and the Archangels, who were visible in rough angel outline and who were higher than me by a metre, but whose light and form touched the ground also.  All the Archangels were of various colours, blue, green, violet, white etc.

Inna then asked me to go back to the source of my allergy and to ask for guidance to find the source.  After a sort while, I saw like a picture frame with red and orange flames leaping as if on the canvas.  As is the message was a fire.  After a minute or less, I then saw inside an old single storey house where all was dark.  I saw the face and then figure of a small old lady, a grandmother figure, in black clothes with a black head scarf inside or in front of this dark small house.  I think that this situation took place maybe 300-400 years ago as the house was very primitive, with only room used as a living room/kitchen at al and I think it was in England or Europe, but I cannot be sure.  Then I saw inside and saw smoke from an accidental kitchen fire and there were three children and the grandma asleep.  I understood that all four had perished in this fire from smoke inhalation.  I then noted that the parents returned, were distraught, the mother gave birth to another baby, a daughter, who was never aloud out of sight, for fear of something happening to her.  I sensed that the beginning of my allergy problem was something to do with the karma of this event, which seemed to be closer to my mother’s side than father’s.  I then saw the problem continue down through the line if many generations to my current mother, but it seemed a very long line over several centuries and therefore many lives.  Throughout this, Inna led me to find links between the events and the people, to ensure a logical link and path of the passage of this problem through the generations.  I cannot be sure of the information I received and am partly tempted to imagine that I was led too much by Inna, rather than pictures and thoughts coming to me, but overall, I feel I was given information.  At the end Inna asked me to comment on this life situation about my mother and father’s own allergies, both of whom suffered from hay fever.  My mum particularly had some chronic asthma attacks, which then faded out as did the hay fever.  My only thoughts on this were that my father had spiritually taken some of my mother’s allergy affliction onto himslef to alleviate her suffering, but I need to ask my mum about how this actually developed.  At the end, Inna asked me to request that the Archangels severe me from the connection with the allergy from my karma and I felt that the Archangels closed in on me, as my predecessors all faded away and the Archangels lifted me a couple of metres off the ground with their energy, merging with mine and then lowered me onto the ground and then they pulled back their energy and faded away, at which point I felt a strong need to thank them.  What the result will be, I will only find out in a few weeks when hay fever season starts, but it was an interesting experience, which felt similar to a PLR, but somehow I felt I needed much more leading and prompting than with my first PLR, so there remains some doubt about the efficacy of what I imagine to have happened, but overall a positive experience.

The second session ran straight on, I returned to my favourite spot by the river, (which I imagine exists somewhere in the world) and Inna asked me to ask my guardian angel to stay with me.  She then called an angel guide with the book of my life and asked me to acknowledge his presence and that of the book, which I could.

She then asked me to go to the life that would bring the greatest benefit and to enter that life.  Everything happened much faster than the first PLR, as if I knew the ropes and just had to follow the procedures.  I spent some time looking at the page in the big red book, which was on large wooden lectern and saw the black blank hole that I also saw the first session, which put me off then.  I now knew that I just had to be patient after entering the dark corridor, led by my guardian angel and waited for a minute or two for a picture to emerge.  Before a clear picture emerged, I saw some flashes of a bright jungle like landscape with bright bushes, almost bush like or jungle like, but there was not enough to establish what it was.  I was not so surprised to see straightaway a close up view of an African tribal warrior standing outside his small hut, made of something like bamboo canes.  He was attractively daubed on his dark skin and he was holding a spear.  Next to him were an attractive looking woman and two small children, which I took to be his family.  The tribe was itinerant and its wealth was based on its holding of a large grouping of animals, something like buffalos, but cannot be sure what kind of animals they were.  Life seemed good and I was contented with my lot.  On prompting, I said that I worshipped and believed in the sun as a higher force.  Inna than asked me to go to the main event of this life and to find out what the life lesson was.  I had sensed that I was a senior warrior but not the chief, and I led a smaller party of 5-6 junior warriors and that we both hunted and defended our village as a group.  The main event that I was shown was a prolonged attack or more like a siege laid out on our village, with probing attacks launched over a period of time, as a kind of psychological challenge to me , never knowing when attacks would come.  This went on for some time and demanded constant vigilance and was a stressful experience.  Eventually, there was a major battle, in which I received some minor injuries, but my family remained safe and finally led to losses on both sides, but our final victory.  I then became chief, partly because of my fighting and leadership ability, but also because of my spiritual understanding of the power of the sun.  Inna asked me to go to the end of my life. As a chief, I still wanted to go hunting and on my last day, I was with a group of hunters and we were closing on a lion.  I wanted to perform the kill with my spear and the hunters tried to dissuade me from leading the kill, but I refused to listen.  I closed in on the lion but at the last minute I tripped over a root and fell close to the lion allowing him to maul me and I died quite quickly and without pain.  Inna asked me what she thought the life lesson of this session was and I said that I thought that it was that if you are under attack, you need to be resilient, steadfast and last it out and eventually victory will be yours and of course this seems a direct parallel with my current situation.  Inna encourage me to consider that this warrior is like a new relative that has been discovered and feel comfortable with that, in that his life is now part of mine.  It would have been nice to ask his name.

The whole experience was pleasant, I felt light throughout it, with a very relaxed energy tingling sensation running through my body the whole time.  There were no very strong emotions felt as had been on the first part of the first PLR session below.

Inna then asked me if I wanted to do a second session and I said I would and she asked me to request to investigate if I had lived in Russia or Ukraine previously.  I immediately saw a close up of a grey wig with curls, associated with a member of the gentry and felt it was in the 18th century.  I felt that I was in Russia.  I also saw black buckled shoes and white stockings and a complex long multi-plaited frock coat.  This person, who I understood was standing outside a large grand house saying goodbye to someone in a horse drawn carriage.  Inna asked me to establish nationality.  I felt not Russian, but French and that my name was Guillaume and tat I was about 60 years old.  I knew Russian, but spoke mostly French as the other members of the wealthy classes spoke French to one another, so I felt very comfortable within this environment.  I was not a noble but a wealthy merchant trader.  I was wealthy because my father had set up a business importing silk from Thailand or Singapore or somewhere like that.  I had taken over the business and my son, with his family was now based in the Far East and acted as the buyer of the silks and then organised the despatch of the silk aboard ships, which also belonged to our business.  My job was to meet the ships as they arrived in Russia, in St Petersburg and to organise the distribution and sale amongst the wealthy classes.  I obtained a very good profit from this business, which had led to my wealth.  I had built the house, in which I lived, but my wife had designed the garden.  My wife was also French.  My daughter was close to the Tsar (Peter the Great) and was within the Tsarina’s inner circle.  Much of my current success and high rate of sales was due to the patronage enjoyed because of my daughter’s popularity within the Royal circle.  My daughter married within the Tsar’s court and was happy.  I was happy and successful in this life partly because the local Russians preferred to work for me, because I held them in greater respect than the Russian landowners and treated them better.  I think this refers to those who worked on our local estate.  Inna asked me what the life lesson was for me in this life.  I felt that it was that you should be kind to people but that should not stop you becoming materially wealthy, but that real wealth and thus true happiness is realised when you receive the love and respect of people who surround you.  Inna asked me to look at my last days in this life.  I saw that my demise allowed time for my family to gather.  I saw myself on my deathbed, surrounded by my wife, son and daughter and my grandchildren.  I had time to say what I wanted and I experienced a very strong of love for and from those around me and those who had worked for my business – altogether it was a very positive feeling.  

Overall, I was impressed with the ease and speed with which I travelled to these lives and whilst the emotion of the first regression in session one was far more emotionally extreme and therefore more healing than anything experienced in this second session, it felt natural that the experiences were different and that the messages were different.  I look forward to the next opportunity.  End…..

Past Life Regression – session 1 – 22 02 09, Kiev

Дорогие Люди, Современники, Соотечественники!

Завершая такой непростой год, мы благодарим всех, кто обратился в наш Центр за помощью, благодарим за доверие и совместное творчество по улучшению сложных жизненных ситуаций.

Мы благодарим всех, кто просто заходил на наш сайт и читал статьи, которые мы пишем для вас. Мы благодарим всех, кто только собирается прийти, но решается. Благодарим всех, кто ещё ничего о нас не знает, но в нужное время узнает, и придет.

Позвольте добавить наши психологические пожелания к множеству уже услышанных вами, ведь в эти предпраздничные дни все желают друг другу то, что считают важным.

Внешнее – это отражение внутреннего, поэтому желаем вам завершения всех внутренних конфликтов. Пусть в вашем внутреннем мире добро всегда побеждает зло, вы поймёте это по своим собственным мыслям и эмоциям.

Желаем вам приятных эмоций и глубоких чувств, лёгкости и тепла в сердце, бодрости в теле.

Пусть ваши сны будут интересными и красочными, а пробуждения радостными.

Пусть ваш разум будет местом, где царят только правильные и полезные мысли.

Пусть в вашу жизнь приходят те люди и события, которых вы заслуживаете.

Поэтому желаем вам быть самыми лучшими, какими только сможете. Не потому что вас похвалят, а потому что быть самым лучшим вариантом себя – невероятное удовольствие.

До встречи в нужное время! Коллектив Центра Психологии

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