Past Life Regression – session 1 - 22 02 09
Inna has explained that everyone has 7 levels of life around them, I can’t remember them all, but the first is the physical body, the second is the immediate aura, the next is the soul and so on, but the 6th or 7th is called the Causal layer or life and is essentially like a PC hard disk of all your life experiences.  In other words the info on your past lives is always present with you at some level, you just have to know how dip into it and it stays after you pass on.

Inna says it is better to know what you are searching for, either problems or weaknesses or for strengths; she says this will assist the Angels to push down the right avenue to see a life which is useful for you to experience.

I choose allergies for my problems and acting for something I like.

We start….

I am lying on a physio bench with a blanket over me and a pillow under my head and a light covering my eyes to block out most of the daylight.  Inna plays some neutral background music, which afterwards, I cannot remember at all, it acts only like a screen to shield any extraneous sounds.

Inna asks me to seek the presence and guidance of my guardian Angels and to ask for them to accompany me throughout the journey and act as guides.  She says that I should not try to go back to a past life on my own without guardian Angels present.

She tells me to go to a beautiful place of my choice and stand and feel that I am  physically there, standing firmly on the ground, see, smell and sense the air around, imagine clothing you wear and visualise how I look.  I did this and imagined that I was standing in a green grassy glacial valley in the summer, with deeply concave but high mountains on either side or a river flowing down the valley floor off to one side from me.

Inna says “Call to your guardian Angels to bring you your book, in which your lives exist”. (You do all this in your mind, like a prayer, say nothing)

For a while I saw nothing and everything was quite dark around me, not sunlit as I really wanted to see.  Eventually, I saw a form, type of blurred Angel figure, vaguely white and the same height as me and in front of him a blurred dark outline of a large book that he was holding in front of him like on a lectern, but there was no lectern.  The book was about 30cm x 30cm, when closed, but no colour visible and I could only view the book from the cover side, I could not see the pages.  Slowly and against my own actual beliefs that I would actually see a book, I could then see a red cover that was red, worn leather, still viewed from the front.  But I still had a strong feeling of some doubt and frustration that I can read this book and go on my journey.  All this time, I imagine that I have thought up this image and put it in front of myself in order to satisfy my desire to succeed in passing into a past life, so I am filled with scepticism and doubt.  (Funnily enough, it turns out that at this time, Inna also doubted that I would manage to go through into the life)

After a few minutes, I have moved position from being in front of the Angel and am sort of looking over the Angel’s shoulder and can see the book, but again disappointed to see that the pages have no writing, but are just black spaces, although something maybe deeper than more than two dimensions.

Inna asks me to ask the guardian Angel to take me to a life where I had problems, specifically with allergies, that the Angel should physically take me by the hand and lead me.  Inna says not to worry about the darkness of the pages that this is normal and that I should not expect to read the pages, but to enter into them as if they are 3D portals or tunnels that lead to a past life.  Again nothing seems to happen I am waiting for a kind of journey and still black dark pages and no kind of movement down any tunnel, as I might have felt.

Then a picture comes into my mind of black and white image like of an illustrative page of a book.  It showed a cobble street in a town, very much as if it was a Dickensian scene and on the right I could see a bay window with leaded lights, as if it was a shop or house, but nothing more, no 3D, no colour and I am just looking at it as if it is a pale page in a book.  Them after a minute or two, I suddenly feel that I am inside a house, in the front room, the same room that I saw in the previous book page picture, but I can now see colour and 3D.  The room is not big, maybe 4m x 4m and I see a figure, somewhat vague, but the first impression is of a tall smart man in black tails and a top hat and starched white shirt.    He is arranging something, but all is a bit blurred and I cannot really see in detail.  Of the room, an impression of polished dark wood and maybe green leather, then an impression of a glass fronted cabinet, in which there are shiny, clean looking instruments, that look medical.  Inna asks me for a name and immediately the name Ronald comes into my head, I didn’t need to think about it. Then it dawns on me that this is a doctor and I see a leather doctor’s bag.  It also dawns on me that I am looking at myself and that I am a doctor, there is no one else there and I am not about to operate at this moment, but just doing some admin in the front room.  I have a feeling of established competence and wealth, as though I am a good doctor, with a good reputation.

Inna asks me about my family and I see a small round, pleasant looking woman, in a sort of light blue dress, but with a white pinafore and her hair in a bun on her head.  Behind her are two children, who look aged 10 and 8 an elder boy and younger girl, they look nice kids, clean and well dressed and I feel that they are mine.  My wife and kids are not like Zoe, Arran or Xav.

Then Inna asks me to go to the next situation that has caused me any problems and at first I see next to me, in the same room a steel operating table, with nobody on it.  I think it is strange that the operating table is in the room that also looks out onto the street.

I then next see that there is a someone on the table a youngish man, maybe 25 or 30, he has dark hair, but we now seem to be in a different and it feels more like a back room, where operations take place, although the same kind of table as in the front room.  The next thing I feel is acute and extremely emotional.  I feel very upset and see that the patient has died and feel dreadful sadness that causes me to actually weep and I feel deep sadness at what has happened.  I do not feel guilt as though I have made a mistake during the operation, more a feeling of desperateness that I have failed the person, even though I did my best to save him.  Although, I don’t really feel that I know the patient and I do not see the features of his face, there is something more upsetting about his loss than there should be, but I cannot say why this is.  I maybe would need to revisit the experience to find out more.  I am aware that my wife is very sympathetic and supportive and in general I feel I have a very loving family.

This incident plagues me in my life, I feel that I don’t really get over it and it dogs me permanently, always in the back of my mind and still I cannot explain why I feel so deeply disturbed by it.

Inna takes me forward to my death.  I see myself on my deathbed, looking grey, gaunt, sallow and jaundiced with thin grey hair, settled in deep pillows.  My wife is holding my hand and I am still feeling regret over the death of the patient, but just before my passing, I feel like a release given to me and my heart relaxes and I pass away in peace, again at this moment, I experience really strong emotions.  Without much time to recover, Inna calls me back to the place that I started from, to the spot in the valley, where I started.  She asks me to call the Angel back with the book and this time I see the book immediately and am looking over the Angel’s shoulder at the pages and again they look dark, but this time I sense that they are with depth and that one can enter them and move through as if down a tunnel, though there is no sense of tunnel walls at any time.

This time Inna asks me to go where I feel I have been strong and have enjoyed life and that’s it, off I go.  I don’t feel any real movement, but the very first image that I see is quite quick, in what seems like a mere moment, a classic Roman soldier on his own and even before he appears as a whole person, I see his shield first of all, but at the same moment I know he is Roman, as distinct from the start of the 19thc life visit, where everything took a long time to sharpen up.

Almost immediately after I recognise the soldier I see a full picture of what looks like a Court scene, with senior figures in what look like formal and very high level dress.  The scene is quite intimate with about 60 to 80 people gathered in what looks like theatre type seating on various levels, like a mini-amphitheatre.  There is silence in the area, I cannot tell if it is outside or not, but I think it is indoors.  I then see the stage and assume immediately that I am witnessing the performance of a play and I look at the stage but there is only one person performing and I realise that it is me and whilst I am looking at him, I feel very strongly that it is me.  I am puzzled still as to why there is no music or other actors and then quite quickly it dawns on me that I am speaking poetry and that I am able to hold people’s rapt attention, with only my voice and poetry. I sense a very attentive atmosphere and that I am captivating the audience, I cannot hear my precise words, but I sense that I am admired and famous (yuck, but it’s true, I am trying to convey my exact emotions).  I am aware that when I have finished that there is strong applause and some drinking with the senior VIP, who I feel, is a Roman Emperor, or someone of similar rank.

Inna asks me if I have any enemies.  I say no, because I have no one competing against me.  I sense that in the group of the people that I perform for that there is a strong rivalry and that politics and power play a major part in their lives, which are stressful as a result of this rivalry.  But I feel that when I perform that they all lose themselves for the period of the performance.  I am not vying for anything, I am skilled as a poet I am given great respect and I want for nothing, not that I am very wealthy,  but I am healthy and when Inna asks me how old I am I say about 50 and grey haired.

Inna is moving me on again.  I am aware that I am seeing events in much more detail much more quickly than with the doctor and I speak more quickly and can hear that Inna is struggling to keep up with her notes and I feel pleasure that this is really it.  I now am convinced inside that this is the genuine thing that I have wanted to do for the last three years or more this is past life regression and that I am now in the thick of it and really enjoying it.

Inna asks me about my family and immediately I look down on a large independent standing villa, set above and close to the coastline, looking down across gentle slopes to a sunny beach and the sea shore.  As I close in on the villa asks me about my family.  Immediately, I see Zoe’s lovely smiling face, as if it were from the present world, but she is definitely my wife and at the same time I see Arran and Xavier, slightly younger than they are today.  I see myself in the house, on an evening, reading them poetry, sitting in a tight circle.  There is a strong sense of love amongst us and I feel intensely happy and am about to explore this further, when Inna asks me to leave.  I feel again strong and happy emotions at this moment and tell Inna that I feel so good I don’t want to leave.  I tell her that I want to stay a bit longer even if only to say goodbye properly to my family, who are all so healthy and happy.  I really wanted to stay there and play, but the great joy of having been there was enough.

Inna brings me back to the valley and asks for the book again and asks me to ask the Angel where my current life is within the Red Book.  I see quite clearly and quickly that my current life lies in the middle of the book, so if the Roman phase was at the beginning, then I have quite a long way to go to make it to the end.  Well, at least 2000 years.

Inna asks me to open my eyes and it’s over, it took an hour and I felt it was rushed, I wanted to investigate everything more deeply and closely, but can see that you need a guide otherwise you will get stuck and not see what you perhaps really need to see.

She asks me to thank the Angels for staying with me and looking after me, they appreciate that – ok.

Inna says that other snippets may appear from my visits subsequently, nothing so far, though been pretty busy since my am session.

Impressions – the feeling that I made up everything that I saw now seems as daft as the idea of going back to a previous first seemed, therefore, of course, they could both be wrong and it could be that I saw was triggered by other events.  But the intensity of emotions that I felt was extreme compared with anything like a dream or a vision of something.  If I was an artist I could have painted most things that I saw in some detail

I want to go back into a life in Russia, probably at least one and to a sea or water related life, which I feel is a strong part of my past.


Thank you, Inna.

Past Life Regression – Inna – Kiev – 03.04.10

Дорогие Люди, Современники, Соотечественники!

Завершая такой непростой год, мы благодарим всех, кто обратился в наш Центр за помощью, благодарим за доверие и совместное творчество по улучшению сложных жизненных ситуаций.

Мы благодарим всех, кто просто заходил на наш сайт и читал статьи, которые мы пишем для вас. Мы благодарим всех, кто только собирается прийти, но решается. Благодарим всех, кто ещё ничего о нас не знает, но в нужное время узнает, и придет.

Позвольте добавить наши психологические пожелания к множеству уже услышанных вами, ведь в эти предпраздничные дни все желают друг другу то, что считают важным.

Внешнее – это отражение внутреннего, поэтому желаем вам завершения всех внутренних конфликтов. Пусть в вашем внутреннем мире добро всегда побеждает зло, вы поймёте это по своим собственным мыслям и эмоциям.

Желаем вам приятных эмоций и глубоких чувств, лёгкости и тепла в сердце, бодрости в теле.

Пусть ваши сны будут интересными и красочными, а пробуждения радостными.

Пусть ваш разум будет местом, где царят только правильные и полезные мысли.

Пусть в вашу жизнь приходят те люди и события, которых вы заслуживаете.

Поэтому желаем вам быть самыми лучшими, какими только сможете. Не потому что вас похвалят, а потому что быть самым лучшим вариантом себя – невероятное удовольствие.

До встречи в нужное время! Коллектив Центра Психологии

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